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Once properly completed and received, this document will be treated as CONFIDENTIAL by HKVMA.


TRINITY  Entry Form for Practical Diploma and Solo Grade Exam in Music 

TRINITY 術科文憑及等級證書考試報名表

1. Candidate's details 考生資料



Is this the candidate first entry to TRINITY Exam ?考生第一次報考聖三一考試?

2. Examination details 科目及考試資料

Candidate cannot enter same ecamination subject more than once in an examination period.


2.2 Repertoire 應考曲目

2.3 Exam Location 考試場地 

- 太子演奏家音樂學院分校  Virtuosos Music Academy ( Prince Edward)

地點 : 香港旺角彌敦道761號藍馬之城 16 樓 B 室 Room B 16/F Lamma City, 761 Nathan Road, Mong Kok Hong Kong

*Note: Re-arrangement of examinations (in same ecam session) might not be allowed if ant exam is scheduled during the last week of its exam session and is cancelled due to bad weather. Candidates will be offered refund or re-entry permit, and subject to final decision of THKMC.

*請注意: 最後一星期的考試如因惡劣天氣情況下取消,受影響的考生可能不獲是次考期補考,聖三一(香港)音樂中心將安排退款或重報准考證。聖三一(香港)音樂中心保留最終決定權。

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